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Payroll services:

We can offer a professional payroll service regardless of the number of employees which ensures that all legislation and year end filing requirements from H M Revenue & Customs are met.

At C M Accountants we use professional payroll software which is real time information compliant.

We can produce electronic pay slips, hard copies, which can be mailed, or emailed to the employer or to the individual employees.

Whether you’re small or large we have a solution and our payroll costs start from £20 per month plus VAT for an all inclusive payroll service.

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Fees can be paid on completion or in monthly instalments, a lot of our clients prefer paying by instalments as it aids cash flow.

VAT Preparation:

Preparation of VAT can be a mundane task which is both time consuming and fought with hidden dangers.

H M Revenue & Customs are constantly checking

There are a number of various VAT schemes available and depending on your circumstances you may be able to opt for one of them.

We can discuss this with you to see what your business requirements are and how they may be best met. We can also complete the initial registration form for you and then file your VAT returns on line.

If we already do your bookkeeping for you, the VAT returns can be completed quickly and with minimum cost.

H M Revenue & Customs have clamped down recently and are imposing stricter penalties for incomplete or inaccurate returns.


C M Accountants can provide accurate and comprehensive bookkeeping services tailored to suit your business needs and advise you on methods of bookkeeping to best suit you.

All businesses are required to keep accurate records for both taxation and VAT purposes. It is also necessary to enable a business to run efficiently.

Good bookkeeping:

  • provides information to allow control of the businesses finances;
  • enables the proprietor/share holders to plan and make business decisions;
  • allows banks and other financial institutes to loan funds;
  • provides information to outside investors who may want to invest; and,
  • reduces accountancy fees and provides an audit trail.

With our experience we can take this laborious task away from you provided you supply the basic information.

If you still want to retain control of your bookkeeping then we can help to put into place a system or provide spread sheets that you feel comfortable with, satisfies H M Revenue & Customs and we can use to prepare your annual accounts with.