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Property & Inheritance:

When it comes to our life savings and what we can leave to our children, I think you will agree that we are all concerned about what the future holds and the amount of tax that may be taken off our estate at our demise.

The problem is that not enough of us actually take action to save guard the wealth we have worked so hard to accumulate during our lifetime, I guess nobody likes to think about there own death, but we should if not for any other reason than for our children's sake.

So what can you do?

Are you using your annual allowances?

Structured gifts staying within the nil rate bands?

May be trusts?

What about your home, is it protected if you are unfortunate enough to be placed in a care home?

What reliefs are available?

  • Does business property relief apply
  • Does Agricultural relief apply
  • Relief for historical national assets
  • Spouse relief

There are also other considerations if you are non domicile, how does inheritance tax affect you, what assets are liable?

If you are concerned, considering any of the above then you really need to get in touch, we might not like thinking about, we may not wish to talk about it, but when it comes to our children's future, can we afford not to?