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Here's what our clients have to say:

Linda Crawford, Finance Director at Northern Countries Cleaning

Many thanks for your help over the past few years. Our previous accountants were both expensive and very much focused on their larger customers. Frankly, we felt a bit neglected and unloved.

Since we began to use your services we’ve been delighted by the service we’ve received. We feel that at last we have accountants who are flexible enough to meet our needs and, more importantly, actually understand how a small business works.
Your guidance has been helpful. It is a pleasure to use your services. Once again, many thanks for your help and guidance.

Chris Brown, Managing Director of Dufton Hygiene Ltd

Let me list the reasons that we are glad that we moved our account to C M Accountants.

  1. You understand small businesses, like ours, and how we operate. Our previous accountants did not.
  2. Your guidance with regard to our accounting system, VT transactions, has been clear and concise. You held our hand through the process, which we needed. Our previous accountants gave us a confusing overview and charged us a fortune for the privilege. Futhermore the accounting system has, as you told us, been a real help in running our business. It was pretty obvious that our previous accountants system was suitable for larger businesses only and really designed for their needs not ours.
  3. You show an interest in our business, our previous accountants did not, regarding us with little more than disdain.
  4. Coming to your office to discuss our accounts is a pleasure. With our previous accountants I felt like a guilty schoolboy being called to the headmaster’s study to be caned.
  5. We get your, or Cliff’s, attention. We are not, as with our previous accountants, fobbed off with a junior employee with no grasp of the realities of life running a small business.
  6. You have been a real asset to our business, helping us grow and mature, our previous accountants were nothing more than a hindrance.
  7. You are much cheaper than our previous accountants and really do give helpful business guidance. Also this is not chargeable but freely given as part of the service.
I can’t recommend your services highly enough. Thank you.

Shelley Booth, Company Director at DIY Wedding Stationery Limited

From the beginning of being a client I can only say that I have been 100% satisfied with the service that I have received. Starting a new company for me was quite unnerving and Michelle made it much easier and took the pressure off. They are always on hand to answer my questions and are very professional and prompt in their replies.

I now live in Cornwall and still use Michelle & Clifford at C M Accountants as i trust them 100% and the service is excellent. I would have no hesitation and have recommended them to other businesses.

Kerry Roberts, Company Director

Steve and I have nothing but GREAT respect for our working relationship, the advice and guidance you have shown us throughout the years has contributed to our company Steve Roberts Ltd to be able to move forward in these tough times and experience positive outcomes.

C M Accountants is a fabulous LOCAL service where you will find both Michelle and Cliff to be very friendly, approachable, and extremely professional.

I personally would like to thank Michelle for the guidance and knowledge she shared with me during the early days (my lack of book keeping skills) I really did appreciate your kindness. We would definatley (and have done so several times) recommend all businesses to have accountants like ours, they really are an asset to your company.

Thanks again C M Accountants...and may the success continue for us both.

Richard J Harland, Managing Director at RJAcces

Dear Michelle, I felt a short note was in order to let you know how very happy I've been with your services, which includes the preparation of my annual company accounts, the processing and the submission of my VAT data and in addition to this, you also look after the accounts of our local rugby club, of which I'm the Treasurer.

During the course of our business relationship I have always found C M Accountants to be very friendly and approachable. You have the ability to cut through all that heavy "Tax Speak" offering advice and support in an understandable way, using every day language. Whilst I have no actual figures to hand, I'm very confident that you have not only saved me money from your timely advice, you have given me the peace of mind knowing that my financial interests are paramount and you cannot place a value on this.

Thank you for your excellent services and I look forward to a continued and mutually beneficial relationship. Yours sincerely, Richard J Harland

Jo Cole, Directer at Clusters Bespoke Jewellery

Michelle and Cliff have been our accountants for many years and they provide us with a proffessional and reliable service.We would reccommend any business to use them.